Successful entry into Iran’s market requires a deep understanding of its market structure, competitive environment, and demand composition.


MARKET consulting

Relying on time-proven methods and strategies, IranPoll helps export promotion agencies, trade missions, chambers of commerce, and its other clients pick the most appropriate and efficient market entry. Our services include: 

  • Market Entry Strategy Development: We help our clients develop a comprehensive plan to deliver and sell their goods and services in Iran’s market by providing them with methodologically sound and effective analyses of Iran’s business and competitive environment, demand dynamics, existing distribution channels and price dynamics.
  • Business Environment Analysis: We provide our clients with the service they would need to gain a solid understanding of Iran’s business environment by identifying and tracking leading macroeconomic indicators and analyzing data on population growth, inflation, GDP growth, foreign investment, and other important parameters that affect market dynamics.
  • Competition Analysis: We help our clients gain a solid understanding of Iran’s competitive environment by identifying main competitors, their share of the market, their advantages and disadvantages, and consumer attitudes toward them and the goods and services they deliver to the market.
  • Customer & Distribution Channels Analysis: Evaluating market structure from the vantage point of its target consumers and understanding the distribution channels and the means through which target consumers could best attain access to particular goods and services is among one of IranPoll’s most sought services.
  • Feasibility Study: Relying on its state of the art analytical tools, IranPoll is well positioned to analyzing and provide consultancy to its clients on the underlying conditions of starting and growing a successful business in Iran.

* In providing market research services, IranPoll adheres to OFAC and SEMA guidelines and refrains from providing such services for entities and activities that are in conflict with OFAC and SEMA regulations.

Starting from questionnaire design and its translation all the way to data collection, analysis, and interpretation, IranPoll applies its local knowledge to deliver high quality services.

Conducted Research:

  • Effect of sanctions on public support for Iran’s nuclear program
  • Factors contributing to Rouhani’s election
  • Factors affecting public attitudes toward voting
  • Media consumption of the Iranian people and their confidence in local and international news sources
  • Consumption and attitude toward cosmetic materials in Iran
  • Prevalence of extra-marriage sexual relations in Iran
  • Effect of satellite TV viewership on Iranian people’s attitudes toward religion and family
  • Assessment of gender equality in Iran’s labor market
  • Attitudes toward foreign influence on Iran’s domestic politics and popular perceptions regarding its prevalence
  • Prevalence and consumption behavior relating to smartphones  
  • Demand analysis for satellite phones and internet.