IranPoll squarely relies on time-proven analytical and scientific methods to provide for our clients’ research needs.


What sets us apart?

IranPoll is unique in many aspects.

First and foremost, we are social scientists and believe in the scientific method. We believe that, to the extent possible, nothing should be left to sheer assumption and that all claims should be open to verification. IranPoll, therefore, squarely relies on time-proven analytical and scientific methods to provide for our clients’ research needs.

Second, IranPoll is skilled both in the science and the art of opinion research. Our experts have been helping clients conduct opinion research in Iran for well over a decade and have over the years accumulated the required expertise and local knowledge to design tailor-made research methods that best addresses our clients’ research needs.

We know from experience and scientific knowledge what works and what does not in the context of Iran and we take it upon ourselves to effectively share our vast experience with our clients. Finally, is more than just a fielding agent. We look past questions and work with our clients to turn observations into evidence-based actionable insight.

Please find more details about our methodology and standards here.



IranPoll is composed of scholars and analysts who have studied the Iranian public for well over a decade.Throughout over a decade of experience, our experts have provided clients from a variety of countries with social, cultural, political, media, and market research services and have strived to unveil even the most hidden aspects of the Iranian society to the outside world. We use rigorous quantitative as well as qualitative research methods to unearth the evidence needed to produce actionable analytics.

Regardless of your research need and topic, when you come to IranPoll, you will be met by our entire research team and we will help you devise the most cost-effective and reliable research method and instrument to attain the insight you are seeking.


OUR local expertise

While IranPoll uses its own polling capabilities in Toronto, Canada to conduct most of its projects, U.S. Treasury Department has authorized it to use local non-government Iranian capabilities and partnerships to collect public opinion data from Iran when appropriate.

Through its local partnerships, IranPoll:

  • has an active presence in 9 important Iranian cities (Tehran, Rasht, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Ahvaz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Zahedan, and Mashhad),
  • Utilizes two centralized call centers that employ interviewers with the full range of local language capabilities (Persian/Farsi, Azerbaijani, Gilaki, Mazandarani, Kurdish, Luri, Arabic, Balochi, Turkmen, and Tat), and
  • Maintains a 500-strong field-force from across Iran, representing the substantial local diversity of the Iranian population.

We rely on time-proven analytical and scientific methods to provide for our clients’ research needs.

Our approach:

  • As trained social scientists, we believe in the scientific method.
  • We turn observations into evidence-based insight.
  • Our services can be readily replicated and verified
  • We leave nothing to assumption.