IranPoll has developed the capacity to send into and collect postal surveys (mail surveys) from Iran.


Postal Surveys:

Depending on the topic and the purpose of the survey, postal surveys could be a viable alternative to telephone interviews. They give respondents time and opportunity to not only fully consider the questions but to also consult with others before providing answers. Utilizing pre-stamped envelopes, they also achieve much higher response rates and produce a much better population proportions as compared to online samples. 

If done correctly and utilized for the right purposes, postal surveys could parallel in quality with other modes of data collection. IranPoll has the ability, expertise, and experience to field high quality postal surveys and have consistently achieved population proportions that surpass acceptable parameters.

Whether you need to conduct a telephone (CATI) surveys, do Focus Groups, or are interested in using online panels to address your research needs, IranPoll is has developed the expertise to provide you with a high quality services at competitive rates.

CONDUCTED Postal Surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Time use surveys
  • Media consumption and evaluation
  • Family planning and sexual conduct.
  • Health and diet surveys
  • Access to and evaluation of various sources of information
  • Tour and travel experience.