IranPoll's databank of polls contains Iranian's opinions on 3,000+ survey questions from 200+ probability sample surveys conducted from 2006 to present on 430 topics and subtopics including an extensive cross-sectional time use survey, making it the single most comprehensive databank of reliable polls of the Iranian people.

IranPoll's databank is slated for public release to subscribers at competitive rates by early 2020 utilizing VoxDash™ platform.

VoxDash is a data governance platform for sharing and visualization of proprietary data without allowing access to the raw data itself. It allows polling data owners to provide governed data access to users with defining access-level configuration per data point.

iranpoll's databank: The Voice of the Iranian People

IranPoll's databank of polls and surveys of the Iranian people. Containing thousands of questions from hundreds of probability sample surveys conducted since 2006 on a wide variety of topics - ranging from elections, human rights and democracy, to threat perceptions and Iran nuclear program, to adoption of new and innovative technologies, to religion and the role it plays in Iranian people’s day to day lives - IranPoll's databank provides users with a unique experience to see where Iranian people stand and how their views and opinions have changed and evolved over the past decade on a comprehensive range of issues.

While IranPoll's databank is currently exclusively used in-house to produce analytical reports and provide answers to a wide variety of Iran-related research questions, IranPoll is planning to make the databank available online to subscribers. VoxDash allows users to search questions by topic and/or keywords, obtain time series result on questions, run cross-tabulations with other questions, and see the methodology associate with each question.


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IranPoll's databank is the single most comprehensive databank of Iranian opinion polls containing more than 3,000 diverse questions on 430 topics and subtopics from 200+ probability sample surveys conducted from 2006 to present in Iran.

IranPoll's databank: The Voice of the Iranian People

  • Hundreds of probability sample surveys of the Iranian People,

  • 2006 to present,

  • Covers hundreds of topics,

  • Easy to use online data analysis features,

  • Power by VoxDash,

  • Contains thousands of questions, many with trends,

  • Regularly updated with new questions,

  • Advanced question/topic search engine.