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With more than a decade of experience collecting, analyzing, and compartmentalizing dependable survey data from Iran, IranPoll assists and provides consultancy to clients who wish to unveil even the most hidden aspects of the Iranian society.

Through its exclusive access to VoxIran, its vast data collection and analysis capabilities, and its unparalleled local knowledge, IranPoll demystifies a complex society for its clients.


“methodology stands up to scrutiny.”
Referring to a poll conducted by IranPoll for the University of Maryland.
— The Washington Post, Feb 4, 2016

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“IranPoll series has become one of the best snapshots of public opinion in Iran over recent years, with its polling predictions for the May 2017 presidential elections accurate within less than 2 percentage points.”
— The Washington Post, Feb 2, 2018

IranPoll and Iranian 2017 presidential election

Image from The Economist using IranPoll data.

IranPoll is proud of providing the most accurate prediction of the outcome of Iran’s May 2017 presidential election.

Our prediction from May 16, 2017 (3 days before the election), was published by The Economist about 20 hours before the initial official results were declared. 

On May 20, 2017, Iran's Ministry of Interior officially declared that Rouhani had won 57% and Raisi had won 38% of the cast ballots. Our prediction was less than 2 percentage points away from the officially declared results.

Please find more about our election polls here.

Our extensive and exclusive work on how Iranians spend their time (fielded 3 times since 2010):

Iranian Time Use Survey, exclusive to IranPoll


Whether you need to conduct a telephone (CATI) surveys, do Focus Groups, or are interested in using online panels to address your research needs, IranPoll has developed the expertise to provide you with a high quality services at competitive rates.

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VoxIran is our databank of polls containing thousands of questions from hundreds of probability sample surveys conducted since 2006 on a variety of topics, making it the single most comprehensive databank of reliable polls of the Iranian people.

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