IranPoll operates call centers staffed with operators native in Persian (Farsi) and Azerbaijani (Azeri) languages. It has opened its dedicated state-of-the-art contact center in Toronto, Canada.



Our call centers cover all the languages and dialects used in Iran. Two main languages covered are:

  • Persian (Farsi) and
  • Azerbaijani (Azeri)

We also cover the following languages and dialects:

  • Gilaki
  • Mazandarani
  • Kurdish
  • Luri
  • Arabic
  • Balochi
  • Turkmen
  • Tat

    Toronto call center

    IranPoll's new dedicated polling call center in Toronto, Canada offers its clients extensive capability to conduct CATI studies in Iran.




    Tehran CALL CENTER

    IranPoll also uses a dedicated polling center in Tehran, Iran to conduct some of its CATI projects.


    As a standard practice, verifies the integrity of any data it collects through its partners by conducting a portion of the research using its own capabilities in Toronto.

    our local partnerships, extensive local presence:

    • Active presence in 9 important Iranian cities,
    • Maintaining a 500-strong field-force from across Iran,
    • Utilizing two centralized call centers who employ interviewers with the full range of local language capabilities.