IranPoll offers the most extensive probability-based online panel (online survey) of Iranians. Our panels include both B2C and B2B in different sectors.


iran PROBABILITY-based Online Panel:

With over 50,000 panelists from across Iran, IranPoll is the largest online panel (web survey) provider for the Iranian population, providing extensive computer assisted web interviewing (CAWI), web assisted personal interviewing (WAPI), computer assisted self interviewing (CASI), and tablet assisted self interviewing (TASI) capacity.

  • Probability-based panel from across Iran,
  • Our panels include both B2C and B2B in different sectors.
  • Covering all major cities, regions, ethnic groups, and demographic categories,
  • Over 11 years of experience in polling exclusively in Iran,
  • Capable of larger scale studies with sub-group analysis,
  • Coverage of key residential and business audiences,
  • A representative cross-section of Iranian households.

Based on the 2016 report by “Statistical Center of Iran”, 62.1% of urban Iranian households and 55.5% of total Iranian households have access to the internet. [source]

In line with ESOMAR guidelines, the identities of all’s panelists have been independently validated and panelists are prevented from completing the same survey more than once.

IranPoll has frequently used its online panel to field surveys on a variety of topics. Considering that all of panelists have been previously profiled based on their demographic characteristics, place of residence, and topics of interest, IranPoll has the ability to help you secure the right respondents for your unique project needs.

IranPoll uses two additional sources for enhancing our panel quality:

  • Utilizing our time use survey data, IranPoll provides customers with unique cross-tabulations of our panel participants and their corresponding population category in Iranian’s time use survey.
  • Through VoxIran, IranPoll provides its online panel clients with a unique ability to compare their panel results with previous probabilistic polls (telephone CATI or face-to-face) on similar topics, ensuring sampling accuracy and enhancing representativeness of results.

To download IranPoll’s panel book and our answers to ESOMAR 28, please visit here.

With over 50,000 active panelists from across Iran, covering all major cities, regions, ethnic groups, and demographic categories, and an average response rate of 36%, IranPoll’s online panel is paralleled by none.

CONDUCTED Online Panel:

  • Health and diet survey
  • Access to and evaluation of various medical services
  • Political affiliation and activism
  • Drug and alcohol related knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) study
  • Attitudes toward and consumption of pornographic material
  • Level of religiosity and the effect of religion on one’s life.
  • Attitudes toward Iran’s nuclear program and negotiations
  • Attitudes toward democracy and women’s rights in Iran
  • Ethnic relations and extent of intergroup interactions
  • Consumption and evaluation of news media and television programs.