Many research questions do not require collection of new data. As the developer of VoxIran, the most comprehensive databank of surveys of the Iranian people, IranPoll does have the ability to use existing research to answer new questions at competitive rates.


Desk Research

Relying on researchers with local knowledge, subject matter expertise, access to our exclusive trove of survey data, and exceptional research and analytical skills, IranPoll is well positioned to fact-check assumptions, evaluate strategies, review Iran related statements and speeches for validity, and provide answers to research questions using existing empirical data and evidence.

The results of our surveys are assessed against our Iranian Survey database, which includes opinions of over 100,000 Iranians across many sectors. 

Starting from questionnaire design and its translation all the way to data collection, analysis, and interpretation, IranPoll applies its local knowledge to deliver high quality services.

Conducted Desk Research:

  • Effect of sanctions on public support for Iran’s nuclear program
  • Factors contributing to Rouhani’s election
  • Factors affecting public attitudes toward voting
  • Media consumption of the Iranian people and their confidence in local and international news sources
  • Consumption and attitude toward cosmetic materials in Iran
  • Prevalence of extra-marriage sexual relations in Iran
  • Effect of satellite TV viewership on Iranian people’s attitudes toward religion and family
  • Assessment of gender equality in Iran’s labor market
  • Attitudes toward foreign influence on Iran’s domestic politics and popular perceptions regarding its prevalence
  • Prevalence and consumption behavior relating to smartphones  
  • Demand analysis for satellite phones and internet.