IranPoll’s Online Panel includes members from all major Iranian cities, regions, ethnic groups, socio-economic class, and demographic categories.


Census Comparison with Online Panel book:

The following tables compare IranPoll’s online panel with the most recent census information:

Whether you need to conduct a telephone (CATI) surveys, do Focus Groups, or are interested in using online panels to address your research needs, IranPoll is has developed the expertise to provide you with a high quality services at competitive rates.

CONDUCTED Online Panel:

  • Health and diet survey
  • Access to and evaluation of various medical services
  • Political affiliation and activism
  • Drug and alcohol related knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) study
  • Attitudes toward and consumption of pornographic material
  • Level of religiosity and the effect of religion on one’s life.
  • Attitudes toward Iran’s nuclear program and negotiations
  • Attitudes toward democracy and women’s rights in Iran
  • Ethnic relations and extent of intergroup interactions
  • Consumption and evaluation of news media and television programs.