Oftentimes our clients are more interested in understanding the prevailing trends than snapshot findings.


Trend Analysis:

IranPoll has the ability to repeatedly field identical survey instruments using identical techniques and sampling methods to not only gauge the degree and direction of change in the target population but also the factors that have most contributed to those changes.

Whether you need to conduct a telephone (CATI) surveys, do Focus Groups, or are interested in using online panels to address your research needs, IranPoll is has developed the expertise to provide you with a high quality services at competitive rates.

CONDUCTED Trend Analysis:

  • Time use survey
  • Confidence in leadership
  • Views of countries and world leaders
  • Confidence in news media and sources
  • Attitudes toward Iran’s nuclear program and negotiations.
  • Consumption and evaluation of news media and television programs
  • Evaluation of civil liberties in Iran
  • Family expenditure and resources survey
  • Diet and nutrition survey.