As a leading research agency in Iran, IranPoll offers its clients with a single-point access to all their research and opinion polling needs.



As a leading research company in Iran, IranPoll offers its clients with a single-point access to all their research and opinion polling needs. Our research services include: 

  • Focus Groups
  • Ethnographic Qualitative Research, In-depth Interviews (IDI):
    • Accompanied Shopping Trip (AST), Shop Along
    • In-home Visit (IHV), In-Home Interviews
    • Mini-group Discussion (MGD) 
    • In-Paired Interviews (IPI)
    • On-Site Interviews
    • Video Diaries
    • Immersion Study
  • Customers:
    • Customer Profiling,
    • Consumption Behavior Analysis,
    • Customer Satisfaction Analysis.
  • Brand:
    • Image Analysis,
    • Image Study,
    • Communication Study.
  • Marketing:
    • Promotion Efficacy Analysis, 
    • Advertising Effectiveness Analysis.
  • Pricing:
    • Price Modeling, Price Study
  • Retailer Surveys
  • Analysis:
    • Demand Analysis,
    • Size,
    • Share,
    • Segmentation,
    • Competitive Advantage Analysis.
  • Usage:
    • Usage and Attitude (U and A, U&A) Study
    • Awareness, Attitude, and Usage (AA&U or AAU) Study
  • Testing:
    • Concept Test (Quality, Packaging, Color, Taste, etc.)
    • In-Home Testing, Test at Home, HUT (Home-Usage Test), IHUT (In-Home Usage Test)
  • Qualitative Testing Methods:
    • Direct exploration
    • Monadic testing
      • Pure Monadic
    • Paired comparison monadic testing
      • Sequential Monadic
    • Discrete choice testing
  • Point of Sale (POS) Study
  • Gang Survey
IranPoll face to face

To ensure strategic alignment on Iran, decision makers must be ready to answer tough questions such as whether Iran’s potential justifies significant organizational resources and what is the strategy for such an untapped country.

In order to properly prepare and evaluate the post-sanctions trade framework and opportunities, IranPoll is presenting decision makers with the opportunity to study Iran. Our unique capabilities in research is an incomparable data trove to gain practical insights to the Iranian people across all topics, providing the most relevant, exclusive, and up-to-date information about Iran.

As the world’s largest untapped emerging country, Iran leaves senior executives little room for error. While there are elements of uncertainty attached to all organizational decisions, relevant, reliable, and actionable information enables decision makers to mitigate uncertainties and make more effective decisions.

* In providing research services, IranPoll adheres to OFAC and SEMA guidelines and refrains from providing such services for entities and activities that are in conflict with OFAC and SEMA regulations.

Starting from questionnaire design and its translation all the way to data collection, analysis, and interpretation, IranPoll applies its local knowledge to deliver high quality services.

Conducted Research:

  • Effect of sanctions on public support for Iran’s nuclear program
  • Factors contributing to Rouhani’s election
  • Factors affecting public attitudes toward voting
  • Media consumption of the Iranian people and their confidence in local and international news sources
  • Consumption and attitude toward cosmetic materials in Iran
  • Prevalence of extra-marriage sexual relations in Iran
  • Effect of satellite TV viewership on Iranian people’s attitudes toward religion and family
  • Assessment of gender equality in Iran’s labor market
  • Attitudes toward foreign influence on Iran’s domestic politics and popular perceptions regarding its prevalence
  • Prevalence and consumption behavior relating to smartphones  
  • Demand analysis for satellite phones and internet.