IranPoll follows a strict recruitment and maintenance standard for its panel members.


our online panel Standards and methodology’s online panel respondents have been recruited from probability-based sources. Panelists are past Telephone (CATI) or Face-to-Face survey respondents who use the internet and have accepted to become a part of IranPoll’s online panel.

IranPoll follows a strict recruitment and maintenance standard:

  • All panel members have been validated through a telephone interview conducted over the panel members’ personal cellular phone.
  • Panel members are unequivocally informed during the validation process that they must provide a proof of identity matching their online panel profile before they can claim any reward.
  • Individuals who fail to provide such proof are removed from the panel and are prevented from joining IranPoll’s online panel again.
  • IranPoll also monitors the panel for fraudulent activities and permanently removes offending panelists.
  • No individual can partake in IranPoll or any of its client’s online surveys without being electronically authenticated first.
  • In line with ESOMAR standards, IranPoll prevents users from taking each survey more than once.


Data Protection and Privacy

In line with our strict validation and authentication standards and procedures, IranPoll takes its responsibility to protect the privacy and personal information of its panel members very seriously. We particularly follow Article 4.3 of ESOMAR/WAPOR guidelines, which ordains that:

Researchers must respect the principles of data protection and privacy (see Article 7 of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code). In some parts of the world, especially where democracy is not well-established, the importance of protecting respondents and the confidentiality of the information they provide is even more important… Personal information must only be collected and used for specified research purposes. The researcher must ensure that respondent’s personal identity is withheld from the client/research user… Researchers must ensure that adequate security measures are employed to prevent unauthorised access, manipulation and disclosure to the personal data, including any possible third parties.

IranPoll has adopted a series of measures to give confidence to its Iranian panel members that their personal identity will never be disclosed to any third party. These measure extend from standard privacy protocols, to providing respondents with high-quality VPN services that to a degree prevents online fingerprinting by masking their exact whereabouts, browser and system details, and IP addresses when they partake in our survey.


For reviewing our Telephone (CATI) and Omnibus methodology, please visit here.

To download IranPoll’s panel book and our answers to ESOMAR 28, please visit here.

IranPoll is the only research institution outside of Iran that has a high quality online panel of Iranians.

What makes us unique?

  • Local experience coupled with scientific expertise.
  • Ability to collect field data from Iran.
  • Exclusive access to VoxIran, the single most comprehensive databank of polls and surveys of the Iranian people.
  • Decade long experience in surveying the Iranian people
  • Ability to conduct interviews in local languages and dialects.