Library of Congress, Gallup, and IranPoll

IranPoll is proud to announce that United States Library of Congress has entered IranPoll’s coverage of Iran’s presidential election into its permanent web archive.

The Library of Congress’s archive of IranPoll could be accessed here:

As stated on LOC’s website: “The Library of Congress Web Archive selects, preserves, and provides access to archived web content selected by subject experts from across the Library, so that it will be available for researchers today and in the future.”

The webpage immortalized by the Library of Congress, was about IranPoll’s coverage of 2017 Iranian presidential election. IranPoll’s prediction from 3 days before the election was published by The Economist 20 hours before the initial official results were declared and was a fully accurate prediction of the outcome.

IranPoll series has become one of the best snapshots of public opinion in Iran over recent years, with its polling predictions for the May 2017 presidential elections accurate within less than 2 percentage points.
— The Washington Post, Feb 2, 2018

IranPoll is also proud to announce that it is the winner of Gallup’s 2018 award for Quality.

Gallup IranPoll quality award
We are truly honored for this remarkable recognition and thank all of our clients for holding us to such a high standard.
— Dr. Amir Farmanesh, CEO of People Analytics Inc. (IranPoll), Mar 4, 2019