Iranian Public Opinion Under “Maximum Pressure”

University of Maryland CISSM has published its most recent study based on three consecutive waves of nationally representative surveys that were conducted in Iran by IranPoll for the University of Maryland. University of Maryland CISSM was responsible for designing the questionnaires, getting feedback on them from relevant policy experts and practitioners, performing the analysis, and putting together the final report.

IranPoll partially sponsored the collection of these surveys through “IranPoll Opinion Research Support Fund in Memory of Professor Thomas Schelling”.

Survey results were released on Oct 16, 2019 in the Atlantic Council (Washington DC). The surveys cover a wide range of issues, including Iran’s regional involvements, attitudes toward the JCPOA and its future, and current political and economic state of affairs in Iran.

Telephone interviews of 1,002 Iranians were done April 17 through May 4, 2019. A second wave of interviews with 1,009 Iranians was conducted August 25-29. A third wave with 1,004 Iranians was conducted October 1-8. The margin of error for each wave was +/- 3.1 percent. Surveys were conducted using IranPoll’s standard nationally representative probabilistic sampling as detailed here.


Below please find the results of this survey in greater detail.

  • The frequency tables of survey results are available here.

  • The presentation of the results by University of Maryland CISSM at the Atlantic Council could be watched here.

  • The report written based on the survey results by University of Maryland CISSM is available for download here.

  • Charts showing some of the results created by University of Maryland CISSM is available here and below.


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